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However, the body and case ofthis machine

Overview:    The DFG EC-2000 is a heavy duty electric spiral coilbinding machine that is designed for users that are looking for a highquality durable machine but don't need the fully disengageable diesoffered by the E-TitanCoil.Manufactured by the DocumentFinishing Group, the EC2000 is offered at an excellent price pointconsidering its features. In fact it is one of the least expensiveheavy duty electric coil binding machines available on the market.Thismachine is specifically designed to meet the needs of sock machine organizationsthat need a heavy duty highly productive binding machine but don't needto bind documents that are longer or shorter than eleven inches.

​After taking the EC2000 out of the box one of the firstthings that I noticed was how heavy and durable this machine is. Fromlooking at pictures on the internet, I thought that the case on thismachine might have been made of plastic. However, the body and case ofthis machine are actually made of heavy die cast metal components. TheEC-2000 uses the same heavy duty case and design as the more expensiveE-Titan Coil, it just doesn't have disengageable dies.Intesting the punch on this machine I was able to punch up to twenty fivesheets of 20lb paper. However, this was a fairly tight fit. I wouldprobably recommend punching between twenty and twenty-two sheets ofpaper at a time. This is actually a very good punching capacity for amachine of this type and should offer excellent productivity for mostmedium and large sized organizations.The EC-2000 includes apair of spiral coil crimping pliers in the box with the machine. Thesepliers are designed to cut and crimp the ends of  your coil so that thespirals do not spin back off of your bound documents. It is great thatthis machine includes a pair since they cost about $30 if you have tobuy them separately.In addition to the heavy duty electricpunch, the EC2000 also includes a number of other great features. Ithas a document measuring device built into the right side of themachine and a depth of punch margin control on the left side of themachine. It also has a spiral coil inserter on the top of the machineand a foot pedal switch to activate either the punch or inserter.

The major limitation of the EC2000 and the reason why itcosts considerably less than some other electric coil binding machinesis the fact that it has no disengageable dies. This simply means thatit is not possible to stop any of the individual pins from punching.This may not seem like it is a big deal. However, this fact makes italmost impossible to punch any size of document other than eleveninches using the binding machine. Truthfully, the machine can punchalmost any length of document. However, without disengageable dies,your pages will end up with a half hole on the edge of your documents.This does not look professional and the holes are so close togetherthat it is virtually impossible to avoid.The EC-2000 has abuilt in electric coil inserter. However, the inserter on this machineis more difficult to use than some of the other coil inserters that Ihave used. For starters, it only has one roller instead of two and theroller is only six inches long. Many other coil binding machinesinclude dual rollers that extend the entire length of the machine.Using two longer rollers is easier for inserting coils than using oneshorter one. Plus, the roller on the EC2000 is located on the top ofthe machine. This design forces you to lift the pages of your documentup to the roller, adding time to the inserting process. The inserterstill works fine, it is just more difficult to use than other coilinserters that I have evaluated.This machine uses a footpedal to activate the punch and the coil inserter. However, the footpedal is not nearly as heavy duty as the other components used on thismachine. The foot pedal is the weakest link in this machine andconsidering that it will need to be stepped on hundreds and thousandsof times this is somewhat concerning. This means that it may need toeventually be replaced.


Fororganizations that only need to bind letter sized documents, theEC-2000 is an excellent choice. Although it cannot handle legal size,A4 or half letter sized sheets, this machine has all of the otherfeatures included in far more expensive binding machines.Ithas a heavy duty electric punch, a built in coil inserter, a depth ofpunch margin control and even comes with a pair of coil crimpers.All of these things make the EC2000 an excellent choice for medium and large sized organizations.Thereare certainly better machines available on the market. However, thismachine provides an excellent value for your money provided that youcan live with its limitations.

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